Weather report…

“I know what it says,” I said patiently, “but you know we rarely get more than a cold wet rainy Wintery Mix.  We’re near the ocean, and we’re on the river.  We just aren’t going to get much.”

“But they’re predicting 2-4 inches.  Even if we don’t get much, it’ll be at least an inch maybe!” she enthused.

“All I’m saying, is, don’t get your hopes up.”

“It’s okay Mom, even if we don’t get much, a little will be enough!” she smiled.

And it was.  I love that.

2 thoughts on “Weather report…

  1. We got a little bit more than you but not a whole lot more. I don’t mind the snow at all. But these frigid temps are killing me! Great photos, my friend!

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