Nunc Cognosco Ex Parte 1

I’ve been mulling over a semi-regular post with links.  I enjoy other blogs that do this, because they usually post the very best of what they happen to be passionate about which makes for interesting reading!   Perhaps you’ll find something compelling in what I’ve been reading online.  The post title I’ve chosen for these sorts of posts is obscure on purpose.  Meaning “now I know in part,” the phrase is found in Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians towards the end of chapter 13.  It refers to the fact that our knowledge of God and His mysteries unfolds only in part during our human existence.  We must wait for full disclosure.

This is Sanctity of Life month, and today is the 40th Anniversary of the worst Supreme Court decision in the history of the United States.  I’ll have a post out later this week on why I’m “so” pro-life, but in the meantime, there’s this post from the Blog  Eternity Matters:

The Daily Kos makes our pro-life messaging much easier

And this from John Piper:

We Know They Are Killing Children – We All Know

And this video which just goes to show how context drives the message…

better copy 10159255724936_1776778173_n

The constitutional right to bear arms has taken a hit via the Presidential Assault Pen.  Recently a friend of mine posted a photo of the dead Sioux, over 290 dead Sioux, mostly women and children, who had handed over their guns for safety reasons to United States Federal Agents at their winter camp at Wounded Knee.  Point taken.

In any case,  I appreciate the history and philosophy discussed here in a series of posts on Understanding Guns in America by Afterthoughts.  I’m also grateful to see mostly thoughtful comments following each post.

Understanding Guns in America: Introduction
Understanding Guns in America:  The Noise that Made the Redcoats Run
Understanding Guns in America:  Our Inherited Rights as Free Englishmen

Understanding Guns in America:  Natural Rights and Legal Rights

If you read this blog with any regularity (and it’s difficult since I post irregularly) then you are aware that I am striving to incorporate more Nature Study in our Homeschool.  The product of government schools myself, Nature Study, as a subject, has had to overcome my decades of conditioning regarding what “school” is and my general lack of knowledge.  I love it now, but find articles like this very encouraging:

Talking Among Ourselves on the Path of Nature Study, by Jeannette Tulis

Forbes posted an op-ed about homeschooling today.  While Mr. Garner and I did not decide to homeschool for the reasons purported in the headline, the article does address some of our concerns with government schools, as well as link to some studies that address many of the misconceptions about homeschooling:

Want to Tell the State to Stick It? Homeschool Your Kids

After all the heady stuff, here is something a little lighter.  Mr. Garner and #1 Son found this video rather humorous –  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Nunc Cognosco Ex Parte 1

  1. Well, you got me cruising all over with your links on this post, so good job! I really enjoyed the Afterthoughts gun series. Looks like you have a new theme, as well. I really like it!

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