Shawarma: Dinner and a Movie (not in that order)

It’s important to understand

that to some in the Garner Household, comic books are literature, the themes and stories and characters therein as worthy of accolade and oral tribute by the fireside as Beowulf, The  Odyssey, and Robin Hood.  So, when any of these legendary comic book heroes make it to the big screen, that movie is a must-see for the Garner men, and by default,  the Garner girls.

You should also know that when The Garners Go To The Movies, we stay through the credits… all of the credits.  Mr. Garner is interested in knowing who did all of the voice work in animated movies, or who did the computer animation for all of the special effects and then there is the Easter Egg – Geek Speak for semi-secret previews that share an infinitesimally brief glimpse of the sequel (isn’t there always a sequel?) and which appear only after the painfully long credits.  In my experience only a few dedicated fans and the theater cleaning crew ever see them.

The Avengers movie happens to have two Easter Eggs.

One, after many of the credits, darkly foreshadowing the return of a dastardly anti-hero of epic proportions (aren’t they all?).  The other, well, a little background is in order…

*Spoiler Alert*

In the scene before the final scene

of The Avengers, Tony Stark is laying on the ground recovering from flying in his Super Suit (you’ll see plenty of these this Halloween) through the atmosphere and up through a tube of power connecting Earth to the Asgardian (Norse Mythology) realm and in particular to an evil planet called Chitauri to which he delivered a re-purposed nuclear missile provided  courtesy of the SHIELD Security Council, who sent it to bomb Manhattan  due to a shocking lack of faith in the Avengers’ ability to deal with the unwelcome invasion of the evil Chitauri who flew down through the tube of power on sky skooters (on every Christmas list) accompanied by the mechanized-flying-catfish-battlemachines (Watch for a Lego kit in time for the Holiday gift giving).  Anyway, he makes it back into Earth’s atmosphere just as the tube of power is sucked into the Nuclear destruction, but has quite a bit of trouble on the descent…

So laying on the ground, surrounded by super-concerned super hero types, Tony opens his eyes, catches his breath and says nonsensically,

“After this is over, let’s go get some Shawarma!
I saw an ad for a new Shawarma place…You ever try Shawarma?
I don’t know what it is, but I want to try it…”

In the Second Easter Egg…

the physically exhausted and emotionally drained Avenger team members are silently hunched around a table in an unidentifiable fast food place unenthusiastically eating something that looks slightly middle-eastern, while the purveyors of the establishment sweep up in the background.

I told you that so I could tell you this…

While the reaction of the Avengers wasn’t exactly the best recommendation, when we were looking for somewhere to eat on our recent trip to Fairfax, VA for orientation at GMU, a restaurant came up on the GPS that had Shawarma!  (among other things). . . Increasingly willing to try new foods thanks to our scholastic and culinary Eastern Hemisphere exploration this year, (and after checking a few reviews), we decided to give it a try!

The restaurant, Al Maza,  has a warm atmosphere, an intriguing menu, great prices and delicious food!  Our server was friendly, helpful with questions and recommendations, and kept my tea glass full with no prompting from me (I hate to get thirsty at a restaurant).  We started with an appetizer of baba gannouge which was devoured in record time! The boys tried Schwarma and were thrilled with the generous portion and the delicious seasoning!  The daughter had Meat Pies, that reminded us of our local Greek Fest fare.  I had wake-up-your-taste-buds Taboulee.  I’ve never had better.  We finished with scrumptious Baklava – Grace’s new favorite dessert!

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So what is Shawarma? I’m not telling!

Care to share your Shawarma story?

One thought on “Shawarma: Dinner and a Movie (not in that order)

  1. We stay for all the credit too! The movie employees stand around and wait for us to leave. They’re usually not happy. lol That is way too cool to find a Shawarma Restaurant after seeing The Avengers.

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