Time is running out…a study in personification

Grace and I are feeling our way through the whole Language Arts thing.   We use Shurley English because of the excellent sentence graphing and organized approach to writing.   We enjoy the Sonlight Language Arts because of the creativity and variety in the assignments, and we’re using Wordly Wise for vocabulary building and test preparation.  Last summer we started Wordsmith Apprentice, and will pick it up and finish it off this summer. This past week the Sonlight Language Arts curriculum had a study on simile and personification.  After reviewing lots of neat examples and working on writing a few sentences of their own, the students are encouraged to draw an … Continue reading Time is running out…a study in personification

Post Scripts

I am here at my desk on Friday night of Labor Day weekend.  We didn’t go to the farm (in southwest Virginia) because we thought we were getting a hurricane in our coastal Virginia town, and of course, if there’s a hurricane coming you have a choice.  Either stay home to watch the water rise in the yard, and put buckets under the leaks that are inevitable with 100 mph winds and a 90-year-old house, or if it’s really bad, leave.  Well, since it wasn’t predicted to be that bad, we stayed home, buckets at the ready.  Not that I’m disappointed exactly, but now … Continue reading Post Scripts