Wow! It’s snowing! A lot!

Merry Christmas everyone! We are having a wonderful day here at the Garner’s!  Mr.Garner and I are sitting at our kitchen table with our laptops looking out the window at the snow falling, and the birds at the bird feeder, and the ducks trying to navigate the slush in the river.  Our oak tree is beautiful. With every branch outlined in snow it is a study of thick and thin lines and shades of gray.  The American Holly tree, always lovely in the gray doldrums of winter, with shiny green leaves and bright red berries, now has snow adorning each leaf. … Continue reading Wow! It’s snowing! A lot!

Sunday is cancelled

Sunday is cancelled.  All of the the things that we normally do on Sunday:  church, choir, youth group, Bible study, even getting ready for school on Monday.  All cancelled.  Because of Snow.  This is quite odd for us.   We rarely get snow in our Southern Coastal area.  Things here are somewhat shut down, but not terribly so.  The children have had a blast!  Unfortunately the snow is too dry to pack well enough for snowmen, or snowballs.  With our flat terrain there are no hills to descend with breathless glee.  However, an enterprising neighbor built up a small hill aprox 4 … Continue reading Sunday is cancelled