Yes, Praying Mantis! Doesn’t it look like it’s praying to you?

Maybe for a meal, maybe for a safer spot than the column on my front porch to lay her eggs, maybe for me!  But – look at this little lady and tell me she isn’t praying! I’m speaking of course of the comments received about whether or not this cutie is a Preying Mantis or a Praying Mantis.  At the moment shown, she (six sections on her abdomen vs eight for a guy) is looking straight at us, and obviously sees I’m in need of prayer! (and that my porch column could use some scraping and painting, sigh). FYI, a praying mantis is the only insect … Continue reading Yes, Praying Mantis! Doesn’t it look like it’s praying to you?

Beautiful Bugs!

Sometimes not.  Yeah, I know.  But we really enjoyed the section on insects in the Apologia Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, Zoology 1 book.  We started this study in mid-summer as we were dipping our feet into homeschooling.  It is actually the second section in the book, but author Jeannie K. Fulbright suggests working through these later chapters when insects are out and about!  The initial  “ick” factor has almost been dispelled by knowledge (interesting how that works!) and an informed appreciation of God’s creatures and the amazing way they fit into God’s design! We developed an increased awareness … Continue reading Beautiful Bugs!