Last Week of Sonlight Core F Eastern Hemisphere Explorer

My Life This Week – Finishing up Sonlight Core F – Eastern Hemisphere, planning for Core G – World History Year 1:  Ancients to Medieval.   Getting ready for Eagle Court of Honor Ceremony!  We are keeping an eye on our fennel plant – we have two more crysalides! Doing lots of laundry as we get Number 1 Son ready to go to George Mason. In Our Homeschool This Week: We school year round – albeit unintentionally.   The first summer after we decided to homeschool, we worked on Math (repeating third grade math) and began the wonderful Zoology series … Continue reading Last Week of Sonlight Core F Eastern Hemisphere Explorer

Weekly Wrap-Up

          It’s raining – I hope the temperature drops! My life this week was a continuation of building habits:  a morning walk, starting the day with breakfast, Bible and Scripture memorization practice, hands-free during school , and planning the Charlotte Mason elements of next year’s schedule. In our homeschool this week Grace finished up her compare and contrast essay on Ibn Battuta and Benjamin of Tudela, as well as her Missionary Biography note-booking pages on Mary Slessor.  I’m seeing a lot of improvement in her writing organization!  We also finished our Read Aloud “Journey to Jo-burg” … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up