Beautiful Bugs!

Sometimes not.  Yeah, I know.  But we really enjoyed the section on insects in the Apologia Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, Zoology 1 book.  We started this study in mid-summer as we were dipping our feet into homeschooling.  It is actually the second section in the book, but author Jeannie K. Fulbright suggests working through these later chapters when insects are out and about!  The initial  “ick” factor has almost been dispelled by knowledge (interesting how that works!) and an informed appreciation of God’s creatures and the amazing way they fit into God’s design! We developed an increased awareness … Continue reading Beautiful Bugs!

A different kind of journey

I am here at my desk on Friday night of Labor Day weekend.  We didn’t go to the farm (in southwest Virginia) because we thought we were getting a hurricane in our coastal Virginia town, and of course, if there’s a hurricane coming you have a choice.  Either stay home to watch the water rise in the yard, and put buckets under the leaks that are inevitable with 100 mph winds and a 90-year-old house, or if it’s really bad, leave.  Well, since it wasn’t predicted to be that bad, we stayed home, buckets at the ready.  Not that I’m disappointed exactly, but now … Continue reading A different kind of journey