Yummy Baked Pasta Casserole for AHG

Grace’s AHG Cooking badge requires Explorer Level girls to make an easy casserole for family dinner time!  We found an easy recipe that involved pasta and cheese, and then added some ground beef and spices  – ingredients that are always well received in the Garner household!  Grace followed the directions, and did all of the work herself!  Mom hovered, and took lots of pictures (how annoying!) except I didn’t get a picture of the finished casserole…of course, it didn’t last long either.  Easy and delicious!   Ingredients: 1 jar of Pasta Sauce (26 oz) * 1.5 cups of water  (we used a … Continue reading Yummy Baked Pasta Casserole for AHG

Seriously Happening Shrimp and Green Beans!

Kalyn’s Kitchen: Recipe for Spicy Roasted Green Beans (or Broccoli) and Shrimp Has this ever happened to you? You see a recipe that looks really good, and you make it,and it IS really good! So, you put it in the keeper file, but you never get around to making it again. Maybe the ingredient list is too long, or the steps are complicated, or for whatever reason it is not compelling enough to pull it out and make it again on a busy night, or at the end of the week when you would go out for dinner if you … Continue reading Seriously Happening Shrimp and Green Beans!