Getting into the flow I – N

As we approach the end of October, we are finally starting to get into the flow of our homeschooling schedule.  We have added a few new things this year, a PE class, a Letter Boxing club, and American Heritage Girls, in addition to our Thursday Co-Op and Wednesday Piano Lessons and Children’s Choir, so we are a little more on-the-run.  Often the advice is not to do “too much.”  I think this is great advice, and I wish I could follow it!  However, I have an extroverted child, and sadly there are no other children in our little homeschool.  I try not to … Continue reading Getting into the flow I – N

Back to School: A – H

We are Back to School at the Garners!  We are edging into Fifth Grade, and our Sonlight curriculum Eastern Hemisphere Exploration after a few weeks of doing just some basics; Bible study, math facts, journal writing, piano practice, and diving into the Excellence in Writing curriculum.  #1 Son doesn’t go back officially until after Labor Day, but is filling his remaining weeks with the summer assignments that he hasn’t done yet.  One cheery assignment was to read The Metamorphoses, by Franz Kafka… I was inspired by Heather over at the HomeSchool Post  who challenged homeschool moms to compile a list of the reasons why we homeschool and/or … Continue reading Back to School: A – H