December looked like this

When you’ve spent your entire life in a serious committed relationship with the body of Christ, first with your parents, then with your husband, and your children, it’s difficult to be church-homeless.  That season come to an end this month when The Garners joined the believers at a local Anglican Church.

It is a relief to be part of a community after our time as nomads, visiting churches, camping out for a while, watching, listening, praying, discerning.  We participated in deeply meaningful worship at many of the churches that we visited, and are grateful for the insights gained during our journey.  Now, at our Anglican church, we are hoping to find a sense of belonging, but in the interim we find the liturgy to be compellingly beautiful.  When the Gospel is brought to the center of the congregation, and the people proclaim “Praise to you, Lord Christ,” my heart lifts.  After years of worship in churches where the Scripture is offered in drips, followed by a flood of pastoral prolix, the Anglican faithfulness to weekly Scripture reading, Old Testament, Psalm, Epistle and Gospel, is a fountain of living water for our thirsty souls.  Weekly Eucharist that invites humble reflection and confession,  then offers redemption is joyful, as are the comprehensive Prayers of the People.  Truly wonderful –  The Daughter was the first to suggest we should join.

Other December activities revolved around all of The Daughter’s performances – another recital, a Christmas concert at YMV, Christmas caroling with American Heritage Girls at an assisted living home, and accompanying the children’s program at Christ the Redeemer.  I received a summons to Jury Duty downtown on Wednesdays through the month, but for whatever reason, I was never needed.  Whew!

School was intentionally light. We suspend our schedule in December, leaving The Daughter free to catch up on reading, work on music, help decorate, bake and shop and make gifts, and generally enjoy Advent and Christmas.  #1 Son came home and made a mess of the kitchen cooked with The Daughter. We also put up some decorations for Christmas, and enjoyed the beautiful balmy December weather!

A few photos:








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