September looked like this…

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future…Thanks for bearing with me while I attempt to catch up.

September started before I was ready for it.

August closed with a last minute push for housing for #1 Son.  The group of guys set to move into the Ultimate Frisbee House fell through over the summer, and not only did the house need to be cleaned (ugh, aack, phew), but a new place needed to be found. It was a bit stressful, but finally, via Divine Intervention, we found the perfect place for #1 Son. We drove up to Fairfax, VA, got #1 Son moved out, then moved in, then drove home.

The following Monday homeschool started.

For the last two years, we have been cheerfully following the Ambleside Online schedule which is organized around the four volumes of Winston Churchill’s History of British Speaking Peoples.  Each year covers a defined period of history, matching up literature, historical fiction and poetry chronologically. We thoroughly love it, and have learned a lot. However, as the 17th century dawned, it seemed to me that the Anglophilic nature of the history and literature left some serious gaps in early American history and literature.

Off and on over the summer, I had pondered how to fill the gaps, jotting down a tentative book list, and looking for space in the Y9 schedule to insert a few books.  Except there really was no space. I reluctantly concluded it would be much more reasonable to insert a term to pick up the Colonial and Virginia history and literature that I wanted to cover.  Once I made that decision, it was a matter of adapting the usual schedule by inserting my book list, maps, literature and poetry choices etc.

We also made a point of fitting in a visit to the wonderful American Impressionists in the Garden exhibit at the Chrysler.  It had been on my list all summer long, but kept getting pushed off.  It was the sort of exhibit that would easily have held up to several visits.  I need to remember that in the future.

We also returned to the homeschool enrichment programs at Young Musicians of Virginia in September.  The Daughter started at YMV last year because I wanted her to sing in a choir. Solo voice is the trend around here, but internationally choral music is making a comeback.  Since most churches have gone the route of the praise band, I was searching for a reasonably priced, non-diva choral program. She loves it! She did very well last year, even going to District Chorus. This year she is singing with the High School Choir, while volunteering as an accompanist for the Middle School Choir. She is also enrolled in a science class, Apologia Biology. I like science, but it makes sense to delegate the upper level courses. This way I can avoid the expense and trouble of setting up a lab in my smallish kitchen. The teachers are demanding, but enthusiastic, and The Daughter has found that it’s more engaging (and rather humorous) to do experiments with a group.

September also signals a return to American Heritage Girl meetings, camping, badge work and activities. The girls had a camp out almost immediately! This year we are in a new troop, which branched out from our previous troop. It is exciting to see American Heritage Girls growing, but it has meant lots of meetings and training.

Getting back to homeschool had a few glitches.  Mr. Garner found that the morning walk routine needed to adjust some due to uncomfortable reminders of his August Hope Diamond Kidney Stone.  And I  came down with a terrible cold mid-month, but it was gratifying to have The Daughter use her Medicinal Herbs book to fix me a soothing cough syrup from the herbs in our yard and spice rack.   Overall, it was a great month!


A few pictures:

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