August looked like this…

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future…Thanks for bearing with me while I try to catch up. 

The month of August started in the middle of our trip to pick up #1 Son from Jonesville, VA after his intensive summer employment with Appalachia Service Project.  Hard work deserves a reward so on the way back to the farm we visited Due South BBQ again!  #1 Son approved!  We still love the sides, and this time I got the chicken salad sandwich. Yummers.

We rested at the farm over a too-short weekend but found time to stop by Chaos Mountain Brewing.  Located down the road a stretch, the brewery is a fun place to go for music, food, dancing and of course, beer. Mr. Garner thoroughly enjoyed the Sasquatch Ale, but then shifted to Cocoborealis while I enjoyed the growler of How “Bout Dem Apples.  

Since the kids are both big fans of HGTV’s Love It or List It and Flea Market Flip, we also drove into Roanoke to check out Black Dog Salvage. It was pricey, but fun to walk through.  When we finally had to head back east, we took a rural back road as a short cut that connects Rocky Mount, VA to Danville, VA, cut 45 minutes off the total trip time, and by happy coincidence, delivered us to the doorstep of Checkered Pig BBQ. We got there the same time as the getting-out-of-church-late crowd, and the place has the feel of a franchise, but it was good and worth making note of to stop back by.

Back in July, when we traveled to Kentucky to visit #1 Son, his hair was freshly fuchsia from an ASP fundraising challenge. By the time we saw him again, it had faded quite a bit, and I suppose I had gotten used to it.  That is until one of the little ladies at Park Place UMC (where The Daughter plays piano) told him that his hair reminded her of the guy that shot up the movie theater in Colorado.  Ahem.  #1 Son remained utterly unfazed, and even took a minute to advocate for ASP and explain the fundraising. He’s a charmer! No one at the Anglican Church we’re visiting seemed to notice.  Not sure what that means…

Once we got home, August was dominated by two things.

First, the nagging need to find #1  Son off-campus housing at GMU.  Back in May, he had three roommates signed up to replace the recent graduates who were moving out of the Ultimate Frisbee House. Over the summer those plans fell through.  So we started apartment hunting, but the target kept moving. First we were looking for #1 Son and one roommate, then two roommates and finally no roommates.  It seems that meeting everyone’s budget, distance, cleanliness, safety and parking requirements had proved nigh impossible. To our utter relief, a very last minute posting of a room in a house near campus seemed promising. #1 Son went to Sports Cuts to have the pink hair professionally cut off, then drove up to meet with the homeowner (and the cats) and clinched the deal.

The following weekend we drove up to Fairfax, VA to close up The Ultimate Frisbee House. Because the guys moving out thought there was a new crew moving in, they thought they were doing everyone a favor (ahem) by leaving lots of furniture, including two doubtful couches and three bigasaurus televactyls.  Remember those pre-historic “big screen” televisions with 5 foot screens on wheels? Yep. Those. Three of them. Two of them were in the basement.  Yep. The Basement. Of course, everything, (yep. everything.) had to be moved out in order for #1 Son to get his security deposit back. After looking at our very few options, Mr. Garner called 1-800-Got-Junk. Yep.

While the menfolk were manhandling furniture, The Daughter and I cleaned a nauseatingly filthy kitchen, two not-too-bad-bathrooms, and mopped floors with no electricity or hot water using her AHG Family Helper Badge cleaning tricks. Thank goodness for vinegar and late summer sunsets.  (Nope, no pictures.)  Finally, we moved #1 Son into his very nice, very clean, very comfortable new space with an exhausted sigh of relief.

The second thing?  August was also the month of the The Hope Diamond Kidney Stone.  Too big to pass, it felt as large as the Hope Diamond, and almost cost that much.  Mr. Garner is doing fine now. Not so much the bank account, but the Lord has been made aware of our need.

We continued our weekly Beach Day and Board Game Nights through the month of August.  The Daughter and I participated in the nationwide protest against Planned Parenthood, and somewhere in there I had another birthday. After months of waiting, waiting, waiting for a few key things to happen, we got word that the charter had been issued for a new American Heritage Girl troop. I was honored when the Troop Leader asked me to come on board as the Troop Shepherd. And when I wasn’t doing any of these other things, I was putting together The Daughter’s Y9 homeschool schedule.  

And that was August!  Whew!  A few photos…





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