A slave, and no princess


A Commonplace Book Entry:

Nobody can be a real princess –
do not imagine you have yet been anything more than a mock one
– until she is a princess over herself,
that is,
until when she finds herself unwilling to do the thing that is right,
she makes herself do it.

So long as any mood she is in
makes her do the thing she will be sorry for when that mood is over,
she is a slave, and no princess.

A princess is able to do what is right
even should she unhappily be in a mood
that would make another unable to do it.

The Wise Woman, or The Lost Princess: A Double Story
George MacDonald


I really like the image that  Kelley McMorridesigned as a wrap-around book cover for The Lost Princess as a personal project.  I think she captured the “moodiness” of the princess perfectly.

Suzannah Rowntree who blogs at  Vintage Novels, has written a post that discusses this book at length, making mention that the Wise Woman has similar qualities to Una from Edmund Spencer’s The Fairie Queen, Book One The Redcross Knight.  The Daughter and I will watch for that as we slowly make our way through.

Listen to The Wise Woman or The Lost Princess on Librivox



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