Red Warnings of Outrageous Spring

Lenten Signs

Here in the city
where impassive pavements
light no signals for seasons,
fingers of woodland
point to the river.

Mottled ivy
wipes off winter dust,
burns greener: a thorn tree
is beginning to sweat
white tears.

Gnarled japonica
bursts into globules of blood,
beading leafless bones;
sunshots dazzle
through crossed boughs

of park lopped trees
and tearing nails of briars.
Robins extemporise
red warnings
of outrageous spring.

Joyce Wildom-Searle

Lent has begun.  The Garners are reading a Psalm before each meal, starting today with Psalm 1 with breakfast, Psalm 51 with lunch, and Psalm 101 with dinner.  This way we’ll progress through the Psalms in approximately a month, feeding our souls as we feed our bodies.

What's perked up your ears lately?

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