February looked like this…

February kicked off with the SuperBowl.  Doesn’t that seem like ages ago?  Tempus Fugit and all that.

Papa Gene came over and The Daughter made lasagna!  The evening started out strong with Renee Fleming singing the National Anthem!  Das Auto was our favorite commercial!  Refresh your memory, if needed, with the you tube links at the bottom of the post.  Things went down hill fast though.  Our teams weren’t involved so we chose to root for the Broncos.  Well.  I blame the Orange Shirts.  Seriously.  You can’t run, and you can’t hide with those shirts.

Next was The-Weekend-In-Which-The-Daughter-Has-Two-Recitals.  Sigh.  At the first, on Saturday, at Old Dominion University,  The Daughter played a duet with her teacher entitled Spanish Gypsies by Martha Mier.  It’s a fun piece with a big finish!  At the second, on Sunday, in Portsmouth for the Tidewater Music Teachers Association she performed the more serious Elvin Dance by Edvard Grieg on the biggest grand piano we have ever seen!  It was a bit arduous to have back-to-back performances, but both recitals went extremely well!  Papa Gene joined us for the Sunday recital and we had dessert afterward at Baker’s Crust in Ghent.  That’s the payoff – we always go out for dessert after recitals!


The Daughter and I have a wonderful Valentine in Mr. Garner!  He gave us each a lovely Cyclamen, and a (small) box of Candy.  I loved my cyclamen so much I took a gazillion pictures of it!  As for the chocolate, we have forsworn Belgian chocolate because of their policy of euthanizing children, so my domestic chocolate choice is Whitman’s.  I love Whitman’s Samplers!  I think this goes back to my childhood; you know, the fun maps that tell you what is inside the yummy chocolate covering.  Except mine didn’t have a map.  Sigh.  So,  I made one myself.  I love maps!

It snowed some more!

Then The Daughter had a birthday!  We celebrated all week with very little school, Happy Birthday Sushi, a visit to the Peninsula Fine Arts Center for their American Impressionists exhibit, and a family dinner on the weekend where we unveiled The Gift.

We have been pushing ahead with school despite the winter blahs.  It’s the cold weather I think.  We haven’t had weather this cold, for this long, with this much snow, in a very long time.   The Daughter would really prefer to practice piano, read and read and read, play Minecraft and bake cookies given the chance.   Fortunately, she really likes her AO reading this term, most especially Mark Twain’s biography of Joan of Arc.  Both of us have struggled off and on with the Ambleside Online/Charlotte Mason method of dividing the chapters of Reading List books (not the free reads) over a period of 12 weeks, sometimes 24 weeks.  Ivanhoe , by Sir Walter Scott is scheduled over all three terms of Year 7.  Our habit has always been to devour our books, but I have to admit that being forced to chew slowly means the flavors settle more firmly on the tongue, and ultimately the experience is more satisfying.

A few friends joined us for Homeschool Day at Nauticus where The Daughter and friends learned all about the day-to-day workings of our enormous port, the nautical history of our region including the battle of Hampton Roads, and other fun things.

The month ended on a high note!  We were thrilled with an unexpected visit from #1Son who managed to get to the sports doctor, the DMV, an all-day driving class at AAA, a family dinner, and an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament all in one weekend!  Packing to go back to school, he remembered all of his newly laundered clothes, but forgot his snacks and several vital electronic accessories.  Sigh.

I took a few photos…

As always, thanks for reading!  If you love the Valentine Scriptures hanging from The Branch they are a free printable from the Simply Home Blog that I downloaded, printed and cut out and then backed with red and pink construction paper.  I had a variety of hearts on the branch the others can be found on my Pinterest Board!

What's perked up your ears lately?

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