The Star

The Appearance of the Star Giovanni da Modena c 1412 fresco
The Appearance of the Star
Giovanni da Modena
c 1412 fresco

The Star

Radiant, Steadfast,
Shining, Guiding, Warming
Majestic, Brilliant, Dazzling
Celestial Star.

Blazing Herald of Infant King,
Illuminating Seekers’ Way
Light of Heaven to Darkening World
Prophesy of Longing Hearts Fulfilled,

Sinners, Sick, Broken, Weary
Wealthy, Poor, Gentile, Jew
Find Him, Hear Him, Watch Him, Love Him
Christ the Lord is born for you.

Loving, Healing, Feeding, Teaching,
Serving, praying Calming seas.
Powerful, Peaceful, Sorrowful, Hopeful,
Messiah, Master, Lord of All.

Betrayed, Arrested, Convicted, Rejected
Mocked, Stripped, Whipped
Lacerated, Burdened, Spiked, Pierced
Bleeding, Thirsting, Agonized
Willing,  Forgiving, Crucified.
Risen! Victorious! Radiance Streams!
Believers ransomed and redeemed
Reflect, Repent,  Rejoice, Forgive
Love, Heal, Feed, Serve
Praise, Pray, Worship, Adore
God the Father, Christ the Lord,
Holy Spirit in one accord.
Bright and Morning Star.

Composed as a gift for the 2007 Norfolk District Officers of the UMW. 

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