As with the richest of foods

IMAG5825Everyone likes to eat.

God wired us to enjoy food, and to connect important concepts and good memories to feasting, and the contentment that comes with good food and refreshing drink.  Think Passover and Communion; manna in the wilderness; milk and honey in the Promised Land;  Living Bread and Living Water.   He would have us hunger in Him, and find delight in His Table, in the same ways we hunger for and delight in wintertime meatloaf and mashed potatoes, rainy day melted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, and summertime strawberries and chicken on the grill.

The Psalmist says  “O God, You are My God, earnestly I seek you.  My Soul thirsts for you, my flesh faints for you in a dry and weary land where there is no water.”  He expresses a spiritual longing, using the language of physical thirst, and then reminds us that God fully satisfies as with the richest of foods.  (Psalm 63)

My Brother, The Uncle, was able to get away from Boston, join us for Christmas dinner and rather fittingly brought a bounty of cooking books! Everyone received one, and we have all enjoyed flipping through and finding things to try.  Mr. Garner is feeling empowered by his Italian cookbook, The  Silver  Spoon, in which  most any manner of fish, fowl or mammal you can find in a store or in the wild has a recipe provided.   The Book of Tapas, which had my name on it, has such gorgeous photographs that I almost tore out a page and ate it.  #1 Son found the secret to tender scrambled eggs in The Elements of Cooking, which is helpful when you sleep so late you miss breakfast most every day.  🙂  The Daughter is making lunch today from her  French Cooking in Ten Minutes;  dumplings with garlic sauce and buttered peas.  Is your mouth watering? Mine is.  #1 Son has coordinated with The Daughter to team up and prepare lunch for us tomorrow too, including a dessert from How To Slice an Onion called Cheese Cake Cookies!  I’ll update with photos…

Before they start, I’m requiring they watch this and Keep their Station Clear!

I am so thankful for the cookbooks, and the interest in cooking that has been stirred up!  I look forward to the memories we’ll make as we enjoy our children’s yummy meal tomorrow!

What a wonderfully satisfying gift!

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