The Autumn Leaves of Gingerbread

I always find it interesting to see how the Daughter is utterly unencumbered by the difficulties and discouragements that sometimes give me pause.  Case in point, roll-out cookies.

I have known really good cooks whose holiday baking produced stunningly beautiful Christmas cookies, beautifully iced and decorated. Yet, in my kitchen, despite decades of purchasing holiday cooking magazines promising the perfect recipe for delicious and easy roll out cookies, I ended up with lackluster flavorless snowflakes and dry, crunchy gingerbread boys.  So, I do not make roll out cookies.

The Daughter however, does!  Last year, she had a hankering for gingerbread cookies.  I issued my standard warning that roll out cookies don’t taste good, and are time consuming.  “Why not make something else?”  I asked.  She pertly informed me that she would make roll out gingerbread cookies, and her cookies would taste good.

I don’t remember how she found the recipe for Soft Ginger Cookies.  She might have found it on our King Arthur flour bag, possibly by checking the King Arthur website.  Either way, she found the recipe, she made them by herself, and they were better than good, they were awesome!  The Garners had dozens of little gingerbread boys dancing on the cookie plate for the holidays!

This year she decided to make leaves, for Autumn.  So we’ve been nibbling leaves with tea in the afternoons…with coffee in the morning…with milk before bed…

Happy Autumn!

2 thoughts on “The Autumn Leaves of Gingerbread

  1. You and I are in agreement about those cookies! About every 3 or 4 years I attempt them…..sometimes with success. I’m just more of a bread and rolls gal!
    I adore Daughter’s initiative and joy, however! 🙂

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