The falling leaves, drift past my window…

Actually, not so much anymore…we waited for most of the leaves to fall, and then raked them up!  There were still plenty of Ginkgo leaves for GraceNotes to put a few in her hair!  And have a listen to Eva Cassidy sing the classic autumn standard…

I have loved Autumn Leaves ever since I was in third grade.  The teenage girl whose piano lesson came just before mine worked on a beautiful arrangement of this.  I would curl up in a comfy chair to wait for my lesson, and often dozed off listening to this song.  My parents would be familiar with the Roger Williams recording of Autumn Leaves.  His 1955 recording is the only piano instrumental to reach No. 1 on Billboard’s popular music chart.  It sold more than two million copies and remains the top-selling piano solo record. 

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