We Set Out Accompanied by Wildflowers…

We set out from the farm in the morning, driving South on Rt 221, heading towards Asheville.We stopped for gas, took a picture for Papa Gene.  Smith’s, get it?

Soon we realized we were accompanied by throngs of wildflowers marching alongside us.  Entire fields given over to Daisies, Blue Chicory, Queen Anne’s Lace, Black-eyed Susan, Thistle, Joe Pye Weed, and early Golden Rod stretched out on each side of the road.  It seemed almost intentional – that any field not being cultivated for more rudimentary purpose,  had been given freedom of choice inspiring a glorious abundance of diverse flowers, grasses, and wild berries – offering nectar for bees, seeds for birds, grasses for foraging and hiding.  It made for gorgeous driving.   We thought we might like to buy some local honey.  Surely it would taste of sunshine and color and mountain air!  I took a few pictures…

As the road began to climb a little higher we found that we were in the middle of North Carolina Christmas Tree Country!  Mile after curving mile of neatly stitched rows of Fir trees embroidered the round sleepy hills in french knots of green.  We were in awe!  We wondered about the farmers, and how long it would take to bring in a crop of trees.  We wondered how they watered the trees, and what their Christmas was like.  We decided that this year we would buy a tree from a NC Christmas Tree Farmer, and then wondered how we would find one.  I took a few pictures…the mountains are a little misty…

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This is the first of a series of posts about our wonderful vacation in the Blue Ridge. 

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