A Gallery of Studio Art

The Daughter takes a Studio Art class at Home School Plus, a co-op in Norfolk.  Surrounded by other students,  in a room filled with paints, pastels, charcoal, tempura, chisels, brushes, colored pencils, and the art work of past and present students and masters, she works for an hour each Thursday on a project inspired by a period of art, a style of art, or an artist – and a Scripture.  It is an oasis of creativity.  Walking in the door the smell of paint, the riot of color, in contrast to the extraordinary calm exuded by the art teacher establishes a wonderful atmosphere for making art.

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Class begins with prayer; the students pray with and for each other and their families.   Projects may take one class period, or several weeks, depending on the medium in which they are working.  Over the course of the year, she sketches, paints, carves and creates using charcoal, sometimes using found materials like duct tape, torn paper, old music, sand and rocks, even chicken feet.  (I didn’t post that picture…)  She tells me that she is much more confident using the various tools and working with the various media this year.  Now if only they offered a class for moms!

Home School Plus is a Christian co-op in Norfolk, VA.  Click here for the website.  There are a few summer enrichment classes scheduled through June, and the full schedule starts up again in September.  Studio Art classes are offered in the morning and afternoon on both Tuesday or Thursday! 

One thought on “A Gallery of Studio Art

  1. I wish we lived closer to Norfolk. My daughters would enjoy the class that your daughter is in. Sounds like it is not only skill-buildling but inspiring on many different levels.

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