Getting set for summer with swimming…

An exciting highlight at the close of April was the completion of our Spring swimming lessons, and advancement to Level III.  This was a big deal to GraceNotes, because she did not advance to Level III after the March lessons, and thought that she should have, so she was a bit disappointed.  We felt that the instructor had some valid concerns and agreed another month of lessons would help.  Sure enough, a few more weeks in the water did the trick.  

 Our schedule for May is already pretty hectic with NumberOneSon’s Regattas, plays, recitals and testing, so I was glad to let go of the twice-a-week swimming classes at 6 PM.  I find it odd that the city of Norfolk only schedules swimming classes during dinner hour, or alternatively at 5 PM when I should be fixing dinner.  I wonder if they would be open to scheduling children’s swimming classes earlier in the afternoon?  (Nyet.)

Here are a few photos:

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