Screening out …

Occasionally, we get the eery sensation that the screen activities are beginning to take over our eldest child.  Whenever we think that an intervention might be in order, we  “clean up” the remotes, and place our Screen Saver in front of the TV. 

Have you ever noticed that even if the TV isn’t on, people still sit and look at it?  Scary what conditioning can do! 

Snap Out of It

A little brown paper packaging with a few suggestions manages to make the point! 
It’s not elegant, but it works…

2 thoughts on “Screening out …

  1. What a clever idea! I like that not only is the t.v. covered, but there are ideas about things that you can do instead. Brilliant! I should really do this…especially on days when it is beautiful outside and my daughters could be enjoying the outdoors.

    1. Glad you like! Go for it – it’s easy, and sort of fun to think of ideas that fit your family! If you use heavy enough paper, you can roll it up when you choose to watch TV, and then pull it back out if necessary!

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