Looking Back at a Wonderful Weekend…

Of course it started with the gorgeous weather we had last week, so Friday’s Spring Fever inspired lunch, along with Latin and Greek roots, on the back porch!  We love that about homeschooling!  Learning isn’t limited to the inside of a brick building and children don’t have to be clock watching or staring out the window when it’s a beautiful spring-like day!

Lunch on the porch!

Saturday, I worked on a newsletter project, while Mr. Garner took his daughter to the AHG Father Daughter Sock Hop!  What a blast they had!  There was a classic car, old-fashioned penny candy brands that some of us remember, a bubble gum contest, a hula hoop contest, a yo-yo contest and 50’s dancing instruction!  The Daughter decorated her “locker” with markers and a photo of her Dad when he was 12!  Pretty funny!

Lunch was burgers/hot dogs and fries with 8 oz bottled Cokes (with straws!)  All the dad’s got together and sang “My Girl” to their daughters, and all the daughter’s sang “Lollipop, Lollipop” to the dads!  Each filled out a heart with all of the things that they love about each other!  It was a fun and fabulous time!  We are really enjoying this wonderful group of girls, and especially appreciate the hard work and truly loving and caring attitudes of the American Heritage Girl leaders!

Sunday, we went to church.  The Daughter and I went back in the afternoon to “work” on a mission project with the TGIF (Tween Girls in Faith) group at our church folding lots and lots and lots of “adorable” baby clothes, “this is so cute!” onesies, “Look at this!” dresses, and “Did big brother wear these?” jeans and overalls…that were left over from the GUMP (Ghent United Methodist Preschool) Consignment Sale.  The participating parents donated what ended up being 6 boxes full of adorable baby clothes to our local Crisis Pregnancy Center.  I was delighted our girls could help!

When we got home, the weather was still beautiful, cooler but clear.  Mr. Garner set a fire, and we relaxed on the back patio enjoying the sunset, the warmth of the fire, and delicious down time.  The Daughter made us a meatloaf for dinner!  We were excited to spot Mercury glimmering just above the horizon, and our now familiar friends Venus and Jupiter sparkling higher in the sky!  I took a picture, but it’s a little blurry.  Large object – moon, object to the left of moon, Jupiter, object farther below the moon, Venus.  We capped off the evening with sparklers that Papa Gene dropped off that were left over from a family reunion when I was preggers with The Daughter!  They all worked except one!

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Happy Wednesday!

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