Tossing a Salad!

Salad preparation isn’t particularly difficult, but it is sometimes the last thing I feel like doing on those nights when everything is running behind!  We tend to eat late because Ian doesn’t get home from Crew until 6:15 or so, and then “freshens up” a little.  So we might not sit down to dinner until 7 PM.  Our sort-of-hectic-schedule can also make proper meals a challenge with Boy Scouts and American Heritage Girls on Mondays, Church Choir on Wednesdays, and Ralph’s classes on Mondays and Thursdays! 

I’ve been delighted to have a helpful kitchen assistant ever since we took the time to go through all the steps to make a salad!  Plus I’ve caught my anti-vegan actually eating a few pieces of lettuce, and nibbling on the carrots now that she’s on the chopping and tossing side of the counter!  I’m thankful for the fun and do-able goals we’ve accomplished to earn the AHG Cooking Badge, and especially thankful for the prompting to partner up with my daughter in the kitchen!

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