Onions only on half…

We are a pizza eating family!  You would think that we would get tired of it, but we never seem to.   Frozen, delivery, California Pizza Kitchen, Y Not, Primo,or Bella, you name it, we love it – always with onions only on half!

Ralph used to make pizza dough in the bread machine on weekends when the kids were little, somehow we got away from that.  Probably because of South Beach…(sigh).  In any case, we were delighted with the requirement to make homemade pizza dough for Grace’s AHG Cooking Badge!  Feeling certain that using the bread machine would be cheating, we picked up Fleishman’s Yeast ‘specially for Pizza Crust and followed the recipe on the package using white wheat flour from King Arthur.  Ralph, who has more experience with homemade pizza, took the lead on this one!  To make things super easy we used pre-shredded cheese, a jar of sauce, pre-sliced pepperoni and a large can of sliced olives.  My kids love olives, and whatever doesn’t make it on to the pizza they snack on.  I chopped the onions to save time.  The whole wheat crust was pretty good, next time we will try adding some garlic to the crust for a little extra punch.   We really enjoyed making pizza together!  It was tasty, relatively economical and no big deal to fix it with onions only on half!

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2 thoughts on “Onions only on half…

  1. We love pizza too! And our family used to love putting toppings on and , of course, eating. Now Ray and pick it up most Sunday nights at a near-by pizzaria.
    Aunt Janet

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