Mmmmolasses Crinkles!

One of our all time favorite cookie recipes is from my first cook book, Betty Crocker’s New Boys and Girls Cookbook.  A gift from my beloved Aunt Janet, when I was 9 or 10,  this cookbook took me through college and beyond until it was joined by Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook, a wedding gift from my bff’s mother. I still treasure both and they look it.  (See the binding?)

The Daughter is working on her American Heritage Girl Cooking Badge, and is also on the lookout for opportunities to meet her Service Hour goal, so happily agreed to work on two goals in one by making cookies for a Bake Sale at our church, Ghent UMC, to benefit the Vacation Bible School.

What to bake? Our other seasonal fave, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip was already claimed.  Having been off and on South Beach for several years, we don’t do a tremendous amount of baking (not the right sort of carbs); and I’ve never been one to spend hours on fancy Christmas cookies that look better than they taste!  If we’re going to eat cookies, they at least need to be worth falling off the wagon.  I pulled out the cookbook and showed her  the recipe for Molasses Crinkles and promised her that despite the lack of chocolate and holiday cookie bling they would taste great!

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The recipe is easy!  We increase the spices because we love them!  I only use King Arthur whole wheat flour products – we used King Arthur White Wheat for our cookies, and topped them with Turbinado sugar instead of granulated because I love the warmth of the golden crystals against the brown spicy cookie.  Here is a link:  Betty Crocker’s Molasses Crinkles.   The recipe makes 4 dozen cookies.  We doubled the recipe, planning to donate 4 dozen of the best looking ones to church and keep some to nibble on for a day, and then freeze the rest for Christmas Dinner.  By the time we packaged up the cookies for the sale, I was lucky to freeze one dozen!   My hungry husband and teenage son had devoured 3 dozen cookies!  (I didn’t eat any –wink, wink!) When I complained about so few being left, The Daughter reassured me, “No problem Mom! I’ll bake you some more. They were awesome!”

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