We actually did this: a Thanksgiving Tree!

Don’t know about you, but in the many years since my children were born, I’ve lingered over magazine articles and blog posts featuring fun, easy ways to make Thanksgiving with children more than a day of dressing festively, watching football and overindulging on turkey and pumpkin pie.  Yet, it seems the season speeds by in a blur of activity and I watch my hope for meaningful activity fade out of sight in the rear view mirror as Christmas responsibilities loom ever larger in the windshield!

Can’t tell you why this year was different. Maybe it’s because I’m becoming more mindful of LOOKING FOR  One Thousand ways to recognise and name the many gifts from God, and the importance of GIVING THANKS for each one of them.  Maybe it’s because I was out raking leaves and came upon the PERFECT BRANCH to use for our Thanksgiving Tree!  Maybe it’s because my HANDSOME HUSBAND was home, and found the sand in the garage, and helped me secure the branch in the pitcher.  Maybe it’s because I actually TOOK TIME to sit at my kitchen table, listen to music, sip a cup of hot tea and enjoy tracing and cutting out leaves with my DEAR DAUGHTER!  Whatever – I’m thankful!  Now if I can just get my SCATTERED SON to sit down and express a little gratitude on a leaf or two!

If for some reason you haven’t heard about Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts, please follow the link and consider adding it to your reading list.  If you choose to begin looking at life in this way, and persist in looking at life in this way, you will be forever changed. And I’m quite thankful for the gift of Ann’s naked insight and gorgeous use of language!

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