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The fall rowing season at Granby Crew is really about shock and awe.  The shock of the rowers having practice again 6 days a week, and the awe of parents beginning to realize what they’ve signed up for… By the way, anyone want Virginia Diner Peanuts?  Just kidding…

The Head of the Lafayette Regatta makes it all worthwhile though.  It’s a distance race – and gives the novice rowers a heady taste of the thrill and exertion of rowing.  It’s a staggered start, so not as exciting for spectators, but the sight of all the boats in the water is pretty sensational.  It’s also right around halloween, and sometimes the teams will “dress up” or wear coordinating shirts or hats.  Last year Ian’s boat mates dressed like Vikings.  This year he was more interested in winning and didn’t want anything that would slow them down!

Sunday’s event was fun for us because due to the wind there was a last minute switch to the alternate course, the start point of which is on the portion of the Lafayette River behind our house.  We had to walk down to the end of the street to get a good view, but it was great for getting pictures!  The finish of this course is also in water surrounded by homes, so unless you know someone with a dock near the finish line, it’s hard to see the end.  But, you don’t know anything  about winners until the times are posted anyway…

We are quite happy for Ian!  Two of his boatmates from the Spring are running cross country for the fall, but came to practice last week and pulled it together to row and win First Place in Mens Varsity 4.  These are the guys with whom he won silver medals in the Mens Junior 4 at States in May.  In the photo below, Ian is in a gray shirt, the rower closest to you.  Bri, the tiny coxwain, is sitting behind Nate, who is in the yellow shirt.

Ian is the stroke seat. This boat is a bow loader so the coxswain is in the front facing the direction that they are going. The rowers have their backs to the finish line.

There are more photos on the Granby Crew website.

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