Making Homeschool Fitness Fun…

Okay, I confess, one casualty resulting from the homeschooling lifestyle as I’ve been living it, is overall fitness.  We spend a lot of time in our chairs.  My clothes are getting tight.  Getting out for a field trip is one thing, getting out to get sweaty is different (for me…) But clearly, this is an area in need of improvement! 

This year, I scheduled in time for nature walks and bike rides, but then had a fabulous opportunity to enroll the daughter in a wonderful Homeschool P.E. Class at Meyer Fitness in Ghent.  Three times a week,  for an hour, Grace runs obstacle courses, climbs a rock wall, plays games and runs relays with other homeschooled children in the area.  She absolutely loves the class!   The classes are offered for a set monthly fee, and children can attend as many or as few as the schedule allows.  There is another class offered twice a week for middle/high school aged kids.  Meyer Fitness also offers similar classes for grown-ups!  Hmmm…

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One thought on “Making Homeschool Fitness Fun…

  1. Grace has a ball, is getting the physical activity she needs, and enjoys the interaction with the coach. Plus, when I take her, I get to catch up on my reading!



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