Getting into the flow I – N

As we approach the end of October, we are finally starting to get into the flow of our homeschooling schedule.  We have added a few new things this year, a PE class, a Letter Boxing club, and American Heritage Girls, in addition to our Thursday Co-Op and Wednesday Piano Lessons and Children’s Choir, so we are a little more on-the-run.  Often the advice is not to do “too much.”  I think this is great advice, and I wish I could follow it!  However, I have an extroverted child, and sadly there are no other children in our little homeschool.  I try not to envy those moms who birthed larger families and homeschool siblings who are best friends!  We have a schedule and strive to follow it, but I’ve almost learned not to worry too much if we have to take an extra day or two to finish what’s been planned. 

My need for completeness brings me back to my A-Z list of the reasons for and joys of homeschooling

I –  Individual

God created us unique and individual, with different interests, abilities, learning techniques and emotional triggers.  We only have two children, but it is a large enough sampling to realize how very distinct they are! With homeschooling, curriculum is selected based on the student, my daughter, where she is academically, and where our interests lead us.  I don’t have to teach to the middle, and she doesn’t have to endure constant comparisons with others!  

J – Juncture

Our schools are considered “inner city” with low test scores, and rough and overly “adult” behavior.  The private schools within our area and our budget had let us down in various ways.  Our family was at a place where something else was required.  Here is a recent event at the middle school for which we are zoned:
It has actually made the national news…

K – Kitchen

Working in the kitchen, and cooking in the kitchen!  Kitchen activities teach math, science and  important life skills!  One of our goals is to have a small collection of recipes that  Grace will know how to prepare by the end of the year.  We also have fun cooking together – we never had time before!

L – Learning to Learn

Learning to ask questions is a critical component of learning.  Asking questions helps us organize our thoughts when we prepare to write a report or essay.  Asking questions enables us to figure out what we don’t know or understand.  Asking questions is a key component in the Scientific process.  Asking questions is crucial to discerning the truth.  We are learning how to learn by asking questions, and then learning how to search for the answers!

M – Memories

Curling up with great literature, working through long division, choreographing worship dance routines, praying for our Eastern Hemisphere cities – together!  This time of homeschooling has been precious time creating wonderful memories in addition to making strides scholastically!  I thank God!

N – No more

No more mean girl bullies on the playground (yes, at a Christian school).  No more Magazine, Christmas wrapping paper or Joe Corbi Pizza sales.  No more poorly organized, and ear-splittingly loud PTLS meetings.  No more stress and strain over unresponsive school teachers and administration problems.  And a recent news article – not in our neck of the woods – is another No More worries about the Department of Education’s policies: or if you’re not a Fox News fan try this:

Can I really think of twelve more alphabetically inspired reasons to homeschool? 




What's perked up your ears lately?

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