Something that lives a long time…

This was a fun Sketch Tuesday assignment!  We learned a lot about whales with our Apologia Zoology II curriculum, and had a great review with our recent read-aloud Seabird, and our study of the South Atlantic.  Somewhere in all the books, study and videos we remembered that whales live a long time!  Grace decided to sketch the Bowhead Whale, which does not migrate to the South Atlantic like other species, but stays up in the Arctic regions. 

We found information on which quoted a Wikipedia report describing a bowhead whale specimen caught off of the coast of Alaska, found with “the head of an explosive harpoon embedded deep under its neck blubber. The 3.5 inches (89 mm) arrow-shaped projectile was manufactured in New Bedford, Massachusetts, a major whaling center, around 1890, suggesting the animal may have survived a similar hunt more than a century ago.” It is now believed that Bowhead whales live longer than other whale species, and possibly as long as 150 to 200 years. 

Bow Head Whale for Sketch Tuesday

We sent the sketch in to Harmony Art Mom who coordinates Sketch Tuesday, and here is a slideshow of all the participants and the various things they sketched that “live a long time.”  We were especially delighted to see Yoda appear!


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