Aloha to the Pacific Islands…

We had a great time studying the Pacific Islands!  Mom and Daughter both learned a lot! We plan to celebrate all of our vicarious travel with a meal that attempts to be somewhat authentic to the region studied.  For the Pacific Islands we made Hawaiian Coconut Chicken and Rice!  This recipe was pretty easy, and although I was worried that the extended cooking time would dry out the chicken, it didn’t.  Husband and Daughter both enjoyed it – even though it combined fruit with meat!

Here is a photo:

Hawaiian Coconut Chicken and Rice

Here is a link to the recipe:

We used whole grain rice, fresh pinapple, and not the whole box of spinach.  I was afraid that all of the spinach might be off putting…but in the coconut milk it was quite good!

2 thoughts on “Aloha to the Pacific Islands…

  1. That does look pretty good. Too bad we have someone in the family that is allergic to bananas and pineapple and nuts. OH wait. I see you add those things on after baking. Is the dish pretty good without the condiments? I could leave those off of Sir Son’s plate.

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