Waiting for Irene: Early Evening

She’s moving oh, so, slowly eastward and her eye is back out to sea, but the counter-clockwise movement of her winds is, as predicted, pushing the waters of the Atlantic back up into the Chesapeake Bay, which in turn overflows the many rivers that wind their way through Hampton Roads and Coastal Virginia.  Virginia Beach is just past high tide, we still have about 45 minutes to go before we are at high tide in Norfolk.  The water is way up in the yard, but the sump pump has not cut on yet!  Still fairly dry in the basement – at this rate it will pour in the basement windows before the ground water swells up…

Here are some photos – YIKES!  The first two photos were taken around 6 p.m., the photos with higher water were taken around 7:15,  It’s now very dark outside, and the water has continued its advance. 

The ducks that normally park in our yard are very confused! They are floating in the water just over the spot in the yard where they normally take a break. 

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