Goodnight Irene…

Aw come on!  You knew I was going to say that! 

Irene is not quite finished with us, the outer edge is passing over and the wind has really picked up.  Our little floating dock was lifted completely off all but one piling and is hanging on by a rope. We are praying that in the great scheme of things, our little dock will stay put, or at least not damage someone else’s property.  The wind has shifted strong and the water in our little inlet is blowing back up our yard and across the road, the bigger gusts (49 mph) forming waves with whitecaps.  Despite this the overall amount of the water in the yard is slowly going down. 

WVEC skies clearing over Norfolk...

Everyone is tired, and yet no one can quite decide to sleep.  The rain has pretty much stopped for now, so the leaks have slowed down.  The sump pump has finally started running.  Only occasionally.  It will be running for the next week or so once all of this water soaks in.  We lost power a few times, I could see the sky turn a glowing green when the transformers blew, but the power came back on again each time.  An absolute blessing that we thank God for, because many other areas of the city are out. 

We have been on the back porch quite a bit, just watching…praying…praising…thanking God.

Goodnight Irene…

What's perked up your ears lately?

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