The farm at dusk

Sunday morning my sweet daughter presented me with a hand drawn gift for Mother’s Day – A beautiful sketch of the farm at dusk, complete with shimmery sky (stars, you know) and golden sparkly windows in the cottage, the little apple tree and alpacas coming out of the barn.

“Alpacas?” you ask.

Yes, well, there is an extensive, often convoluted, certainly ambitious, and exceedingly flexible plan for the farm that includes bees, lambs, horses, pumpkins, Christmas trees, chickens, a hotel and alpacas.  The list changes as interests change.  For the longest time it was to be an Angora bunny farm.  This interest was fueled by the show bunnies at the Virginia State Fair, but waned when she realized she would have to trim bunny teeth.  Similar discussions of animal husbandry requirements for alpacas have yet to swerve her from this latest plan.

The Daughter shares my love for the farm and intends to live there, when she is not in Paris.

In any case – I couldn’t have received a better gift from my daughterkind for Mother’s Day!

What's perked up your ears lately?

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