Sketch something purple…

One of my favorite Charlotte Mason Homeschool Bloggers is Nadine at Practical Pages.   She posts encouragement, tips, notebooking pages and lots of wonderful ideas for adding life to learning life through drama, art and music.  Just recently she posted some wonderful sketches that she and her children prepared to include in a link up called Sketch Tuesday.  Sketch Tuesday is put together by Barb at Harmony Art Mom.  Each week, Barb posts a “sketch prompt” and artists of all ages, styles and experience send in their sketches which Barb then posts for a Sketch Tuesday Art Exhibit on Flickr.  It’s not a competition, so there is no pressure!  Grace loves to draw, and while we are really enjoying the Studio Art class she takes at her co-op, this gives her a chance to work on something fresh and new each week.  She also really enjoyed seeing other’s interpretation of the assignment!  She’s already thinking of ideas for next week’s Sketch Tuesday assignment:  “Sketch something with a tail!” 

Here is Grace’s Sketch Tuesday sketch for today’s “Sketch something purple”  exhibit: 

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