Blubber, blubber, between gloves of rubber!

Today, I did the messiest experiment!  Dad got Vaseline all over himself.

Our experiment was to show the benefit of a layer of blubber to sea creatures, particularly those who spend a lot of time in cold water like  whales, sea lions, seals and walruses. 

 We had to put an inch of Vaseline or shortening all over a gloved hand, and it was really messy!  Then we were to put a second glove over top of the Vaseline.  We were using medical gloves, which fit super-tight!  When Dad tried to put the second glove on me, the Vaseline oozed out, so he had to try to stuff it back into the glove, into the fingers and everything.  If felt really gooey, and I laughed really hard! 

My other hand just had two gloves, but no layer of “blubber.”

I found out that blubber is WAY better than just skin in ice water.  I could hold my hand in the ice water three times longer with my “blubber!”

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2 thoughts on “Blubber, blubber, between gloves of rubber!

  1. Way cool experiment! It’s good to know if I fall in cold water my extra “blubber” will help keep me warm.

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