Seriously Happening Shrimp and Green Beans!


Flavor drenched Shrimp and Green Beans, photo credit Kalyn's Kitchen (blog)

Kalyn’s Kitchen: Recipe for Spicy Roasted Green Beans (or Broccoli) and Shrimp

Has this ever happened to you? You see a recipe that looks really good, and you make it,and it IS really good! So, you put it in the keeper file, but you never get around to making it again. Maybe the ingredient list is too long, or the steps are complicated, or for whatever reason it is not compelling enough to pull it out and make it again on a busy night, or at the end of the week when you would go out for dinner if you weren’t on South Beach.

Like many people, the adults at the Garner House are looking to drop some unwanted pounds.  The tried and true South Beach right carb approach to weight loss works for us, but we tend to get into a rut with it.  We have been on the hunt for some new, and frankly, easy recipes.  I subscribe to Kalyn’s Kitchen because she posts a wide variety of South Beach friendly recipes.  This recipe caught my eye because we love shrimp, and we love green beans!  To my dismay, the first time we planned to make it, the store had really ugly green beans.  So, I bought frozen green beans.  I know.  I strongly dislike frozen green beans too, and they really cannot compare, but my children will eat them.  Kalyn herself in a response to a comment does not recommend them.  So the fact that I (the frozen green bean hater) really liked the recipe with frozen green beans is in itself a testimonial to the absolute deliciousness of this recipe…

Last night, tired, hungry, but well supplied with fresh green beans, Ralph made Kalyn’s Recipe for Spicy Roasted Green Beans and Shrimp again.  WOW! The crunchy green beans, drenched in healthy flavor, are an absolute delight for your mouth!  The shrimp equally tasty, and truly satisfying.  The recipe is also quite easy to put together!  This is one recipe where there are no leftovers, and double helpings of green beans are seriously happening!

3 thoughts on “Seriously Happening Shrimp and Green Beans!

  1. You’re making me hungry! (You’re also making me sad–there is NO WHERE to purchase fresh seafood in my back neck of the woods). BUT I will try this sometime when I get to REAL grocery store!

    1. It is a GREAT recipe – and we used frozen shrimp! Every so often it goes on that buy one get one sale at Harris Teeter. I think it’s flash frozen, because the texture is good. So – you might be able to find some frozen shrimp at your local grocery store…

  2. Years ago I bought one of those food planes (it looks just like a wood plane you’d use on your door, but has a fine grater in place of the blade), and though I was scoffed at, I’ve put it to great (grate?) use on numerous lemons, cheeses, carrots, etc. The fine, fresh peelings coat the shrimp and absolutely make this recipe one of the best (and easiest) of the past year.

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