Bethlehem’s Best…

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Church Christmas play.  This year The Daughter was gifted with the opportunity to play one of the main characters (Ruhamah) in the play, Bethlehem’s Best, at Ghent UMC, and really enjoyed it!  She also did a wonderful job of acting and singing!  Number 1 Son also participated, reluctantly, as one of the three wisemen/kings.

The Plot: A young girl’s mother, who happens to be Bethlehem’s best baker, has become blind.  Ruhamah tries, but can’t quite match her mother’s skill with the dough.  Still, it’s market day, and the census is in full swing, so off she goes to sell the bread, some of it a little “done.”  Her friend, Rachel, the Inn Keeper’s daughter, encourages her when she feels her prayers are not being answered, and at the end of a very busy day there is a bright star overhead, perfect for a “wish,” and a weary young couple looking for a place to stay.

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