Back to Back

One of my favorite phrases when I was younger was “Back at the ranch…” one of my favorite newspaper comic strips used that as their transition pretty regularly, and so did a popular TV show of the day (okay Bonanza, so now you know how old I am, it was in re-runs!) and in highschool it became part of my transitional language when running out of something to say, or changing the subject.  

Anyway, for a few days we had a lot of fun with words and phrases using the word “back.”   Back at the ranch, backdrop, back ground, back up, back against the wall, back-breaking, backstage, back in time, back to the future, double back…

Ian was annoyed with me, almost from the very beginning. How did you know?

Well, the good news is that after an extraordinarily hectic fall with lots of physical therapy appointments, and doctor’s appointments, Ian is feeling much better.  He is running some, which was simply not possible before because of the pain, but he has been advised to run lightly and not everyday.  He isn’t limping at all, unless he’s really tired.  He is feeling better when he gets up in the morning.  He has been rowing really well!  I’ll have some posts on that shortly. 

In fact, I’ll have posts on a LOT shortly.  I have been saving photos, and ideas, for some time when I wasn’t working on a newsletter project, somebody else’s blog, or preparing Women’s ministry bulletins, training, prayer rooms or presentations, or working on a Children’s Play set, or teaching dear daughter.  So now that things are back on track…(couldn’t resist) look out…

What's perked up your ears lately?

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