first day of the third week…

makes everything better
History and Dunkin Donuts!

Okay, so I might have panicked just a little yesterday when I opened my Instructor Guide and saw that on Friday we had not finished a few things.  Friday is Chesapeake Christian Homeschool Group Park Day so we were out at the VB City Park  in the afternoon, and then ran a few errands for weekend events and projects.  We left Chesapeake just a tad later than we should’ve and got seriously stuck in traffic.  By the time we got home it was after five o clock.  Saturday was paint day (different post) and Sunday is SABBATH – Thank you God! 

So Monday morning was a big “Oh Yeah!”  Grace was  a trooper – not that she really minds doing two days worth of History!  But it got a little old as we had to go back over her math (because mom had not checked her work) and make corrections, and then we had to finish up our reader questions (Om-kas-toe by Kenneth Thomasma), our  read-aloud questions (Walk the World’s Rim by Betty Baker), and Pedro’s Journal  by Pam Conrad.  We also needed to map them all (love my World Atlas that Ian gave me for Mother’s Day 2008), note our time line and then write a reading log entry.   Fortunately Grace is all over her articles and pronouns, and vocabulary and knocked those out quickly, (and correctly! )  By the time we picked up Ian for piano lesson, we were finally ready to dive into our newest book The Witch of Blackbird Pond  by Elizabeth George Speare.  So a trip to Dunkin Donuts near ODU for donuts: chocolate with sprinkles and raised sugar, coffee for mom, and then feasting while mom read about Kit Tyler on the deck of the Dolphin as she arrives on the coast of Connecticut, was not a bad end to the first day of our third week of homeschool!  

Today she made a list of her subjects and worked her way through them independently so that I could work on another project.  (Isn’t she wonderful!) Now she’s telling me she’s done with school for the day because she’s done everything on HER list!  Guess I’d better go and grade some papers!  Math first!

What's perked up your ears lately?

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