Taking tests…


We asked if he felt any radioactive super hero changes coming on...


This would be not the usual homeschool test!  Actually this is my “government” schooled son getting ready for a bone spect scan to see if he has any sort of stress fracture in his back.  He enjoyed watching Michael Jackson videos during the procedure at the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters.

We are hoping that this will have been a very expensive rabbit trail on the way to finding out why he is having pain in his back that is preventing him from running.  Crew club season is picking up and he’s anxious to row!  At minimum it seems Ian will be needing some therapy to stretch out and get his muscles loosened up. 

So we’re asking for prayers for Ian!  And pray for us too!  He is REALLY GRUMPY!

What's perked up your ears lately?

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